The serial number is a combination of 16 letters and numbers. Please enter your serial number in the field below

Precautions in checking authenticate code.

  1. Please gently scraping at the bottle or vial authenticate code sticker with no sharp object. (Used coin recommend)
  2. You have opportunity to check the authenticate code only 3 times. Thereafter, the application will block (invalid) this number immediately after the third time.
  3. Be careful to enter text such as “o”, “O” or “0” (zero), “1” (one), “I” in small letter or capital letter.


Insert the information required bellow the authencity of your product.

Warning: Monitoring of compounds that are mixed in counterfeit sample found that contain with dangerous heavy metals and carcinogens. We would like to remind you that using of a highly dangerous counterfeit which will have a direct effect on liver and blood which may induce to be liver cancer (hepatocarcinoma) and leukemia .which the result may not be seen in the short term but may result in physical harm in the long run.
If you buy the products cheaper than it should be or did not buy directly from the official distributor, you may have purchased a counterfeit by mistake. To determine from the authenticate code on every bottle and vial. All of genuine products must have authenticated code for checking at our website.